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Our Goodmaid PRO range of products was developed to meet large-scale industrial and institutional cleaning requirements for hotels, hospitals, factories, departmental stores, schools, buildings, complexes, resorts and clubs. With our promise of GOOD QUALITY, BEST VALUE products, Goodmaid PRO enjoys a growing customer base both locally and in countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Brunei as well as countries in Africa and the Middle-East.

Goodmaid PRO Housekeeping

Get comprehensive resources to assist in your housekeeping responsibilities with our high-quality, cost-effective cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting solutions. Whether you are in need of cleaning chemicals, cleaning supplies or facilities maintenance products and much more, you’ll find a Goodmaid solution that fits your needs whether you are in the commercial or domestic sector.
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Goodmaid PRO Warewashing

We offer an extensive collection of specialist warewashing products that consistently deliver spectacular wash results, while simultaneously, caring for and protecting your machines. Our superior product line includes a range of dishwashers, glasswashers, detergents and chemical products designed to meet any warewash requirements you might have and give you the most practical and professional waresolutions.
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Goodmaid PRO Laundry

Our complete range of industrial laundry care is specially formulated to clean, disinfect, soften and deodorise all types of fabric. From detergent to bleaching fluids, we have a comprehensive range of industrial laundry chemicals, including specialised products, designed for various purposes and ease of use. All our specially formulated laundry products are compatible with all leading commercial laundry equipment.
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Goodmaid PRO Others

At Goodmaid Chemicals Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (GCC), our list of industrial products extends to miscellaneous items to cater for unique and specific cleaning needs. As the “Total Industrial Cleaning Specialist”, we want to provide you with a spectrum of cleaners to clean and deodorize various items for a more hygienic environment.
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Our range of Goodmaid industrial offers a cost –effective cleaning solution for your daily housekeeping to meet your essential requirement in the commercial or domestic sector. As ISO 9001:2000 QMS certified manufacturer, our products stringent quality control to ensure high quality product for our customer.
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