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Fabric Softener

Fabric Softener


With SUPERSOFT Formulation that provides exceptional softness for silky smooth clothes.
Contains a unique blend of long lasting fragrance with anti-malodour control to remove unpleasant odours.
Ensuring freshness that captures the feeling just washed laundry up to 100 days.
Improved anti-static formula for less wrinkles and ease of ironing.
Leaves clothes and fabric soft and smelling great.

Use instructions
Hand Wash
• Add 1/2 capful to every 4.5 litres of water at the final rinse.
• Stir thoroughly and leave clothes to soak for at least 2 minutes.

Machine Wash
TOP LOADING : Pour 1 – 2 capful into final rinse or dispenser.
FRONT LOADING : Pour 2 capful into the final rinse or dispenser.

Available variants and sizes
• Floral : 2ltr, 1.6ltr Refill, 900ml Refill
• Heavenly Fresh : 2ltr, 1.6ltr Refill, 900ml Refill
• Evening Rose : 4ltr , 2ltr, 1.6ltr Refill, 900ml Refill
• Lavender : 4ltr , 2ltr, 1.6ltr Refill, 900ml Refill

Packing per carton
• 4ltr x 4
• 2ltr x 6
• 1.6ltr Refill x 8
• 900 ml Refill x 12