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Food Sanitation

The Food Industry is a massive operation that affects the global community through food production, preparation and other services. Being that food is a necessity for all people, thorough regulation must be maintained to ensure that consumers are enjoying quality foods that are safe. There are local food regulation bodies in many countries as well as an international set of guidelines named CODEX. Providing safe and delicious food is the goal of every player in the food industry. However, with the potential of food borne illness, great care must be taken to ensure food is hygienically prepared and handled until it is enjoyed by customers. SARAYA provides a full system for food sanitation for a variety of F&B and food processing markets, allowing hassle free solutions for cleaning and sanitation.

Smart San

Smart San - our global line of food sanitation products. The Smart San system contains cleaning solutions and tools based on our Saraya system tested and proven in Japan. We have combined high quality products with the know-how required to meet the strict food hygiene standards of Japan-where we lead the market.
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Goodmaid PRO – Warewashing

Our Goodmaid PRO range of products was developed to meet large-scale industrial and institutional cleaning requirements for hotels, hospitals, factories, departmental stores, schools, buildings, complexes, resorts and clubs. With our promise of GOOD QUALITY, BEST VALUE products, we offer an extensive collection of specialist warewashing products that consistently deliver spectacular wash results, while simultaneously, caring for and protecting your machines. Our superior product line includes a range of dishwashers, glasswashers, detergents and chemical products designed to meet any warewash requirements you might have and give you the most practical and professional waresolutions.
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Tools & Dispensers

As a leader in dispensing technology, SARAYA has created many great devices for providing hand hygiene products easily. We also developed a full range of accessories and amenities which can be combined to our chemicals and dispensers. Cross-contamination can pose a serious threat to your health. Fortunately, we can eliminate some of the surfaces with no-touch technology. Saraya has been a strong advocate of reducing crosscontamination and has been a forerunner in no-touch dispenser technology. All of our hand hygiene products are supported with no-touch dispensers, which are unrivaled in reliability, function and quality.
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