Message From The President

Message from Mr. Yusuke Saraya,
President Saraya Co., Ltd.

SARAYA was founded on the premise of creating new hygiene and sanitation solutions for protecting the health of our users while maintaining a harmonious relation with the environment. Our founder, Shota Saraya, believed in the connection between wellbeing and a healthy environment. It is our vision, duty and inspiration to create products that sustain and improve health, environment and sanitation worldwide.

We are proud to bring Goodmaid Chemical Corporation Sdn. Bhd. into the SARAYA group of companies. With its well known brands, manufacturing expertise and dedicated team of incredible individuals, we knew Goodmaid belonged with SARAYA. 

SARAYA bases its contributions to society and nature around the world on 3 pillars.

There is excellent potential for introducing new and exciting products through Goodmaid while allowing more people to learn about SARAYA's message of sustainability.

SARAYA's relationship with Malaysia started much earlier in 2005, when we began conservation efforts in the Borneo rainforest. Palm oil is an excellent resource for biodegradable detergents, but rainforest must be cleared for oil palm trees to grow. Our conservation efforts were to counteract the related problems of non-sustainable palm oil. We have since started using sustainable palm oil, and continue to support biodiversity conservation in Borneo.

It is vital that businesses work together with NGOs to create a world that will last as we have always known it. SARAYA is making the challenge to utilize innovation, even for the smallest change, as a central player in the promotion of biodiversity and the improvement of hygiene and sanitation in countries from all levels of economic standing to realize a sustainable world. Renewing our pledge, we will drive to do our part in realizing a sustainable world.

© Saraya Goodmaid Sdn. Bhd. All rights reserved.
© Saraya Goodmaid Sdn. Bhd. All rights reserved.