Colour Mosaic Cleaner

Super effective cleaner for toilet bowls, wash basins, bath tubs and other porcelain surfaces in household and industrial environment without causing damage to coloured tile surfaces.
Suitable for coloured tiles, marble, terrazzo and Italian tiles, ceramic, glazed and stainless steel surface.
Penetrates effectively to remove stubborn dirt and grease, rust, algae, mould, and water marks.
Also acts as a disinfectant and eliminates unpleasant odours.

Use instructions
• Pour a small quantity of cleaner onto surface, leave for a few minutes, then rinse with water.
• For heavy stains, apply cleaner to heavy dirty stained tile or the area surface, let it stays for 10 minutes, brush, then rinse with water. Repeat the step when needed.

Available variants and sizes
• Regular : 500g, 900g

Packing per carton
• 500g x 12
• 900g x 12
© Saraya Goodmaid Sdn. Bhd. All rights reserved.
© Saraya Goodmaid Sdn. Bhd. All rights reserved.