CARE Foaming Hand Cleanser


With a rich & creamy foam, its anti-bacterial formulation keeps your hands hygienically clean and leaving your hands feeling protected all day long. With just one single pump, the refreshing fragrance soft foam helps to remove dirt gently in between your fingers.
Added moisturizing properties that leave the skin feels rejuvenated and soft after every wash
For gorgeous looking hands, leave a bottle next to the sink at home, in the kitchen, bathroom or even the office for luxurious treatment that's close at hand.


Use instructions
• Turn the pump towards the front to unlock.
• Dispense appropriate amount onto palms and spread on hands and in between fingers, then rinse well.

Available variants and sizes
• Magical Mist : 250ml
• Sunshine Mist : 250ml
• Orchard Dew : 250ml

Packing per carton
• 250ml x 12
© Saraya Goodmaid Sdn. Bhd. All rights reserved.
© Saraya Goodmaid Sdn. Bhd. All rights reserved.