Pull-Up Gel


This SUPERFRESH Formulation is the perfect way to fight unwanted odours and freshen the air in your home, office or car immediately.
Our range of air fresheners freshen the air and make your car, home and other living space uniquely inviting.
Bring the scent of nature to your car, home or other living space and conjure up the air with inviting and aromatic fragrance.


Use instructions
• Peel off the plastic film from the bottom section.
• To release fragrance, press the bottom section & pull up the cover till you hear the click sound.
• Slide cap up & down to adjust.

Available variants and sizes
• Lemon 210g
• Orange 210g
• Lavender 210g
• Aquafresh 210g

Packing per carton
• 210g x 24
© Saraya Goodmaid Sdn. Bhd. All rights reserved.
© Saraya Goodmaid Sdn. Bhd. All rights reserved.