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Non-chlorine, oxygen based bleach that brightens colours and removes stubborn stains.
Brightens colours and keeps clothes looking new.
Formulated with unique stain-removing properties, it penetrates deep down to remove stubborn stains while protecting colour.
Suitable for all washable fabrics.

Use instructions
Hand Wash

• Add 40ml COCOREX Colours with detergent into 5 litres of water.
• Wash as normal.

Machine Wash
• Add COCOREX Colours with detergent before adding clothes.
• For large loads, large washers and heavily soiled loads, use 80ml.
• For regular / small loads and regular washers, use 40ml.

Tough Stains
• Apply COCOREX Colours directly onto stain.
• Rub gently and wash promptly.
• Pour additional COCOREX Colours with detergent and wash as usual.
• Do not allow product to dry on fabric.

Available variants and sizes
• Floral Fresh : 1kg
• Lemon Fresh : 1kg

Packing per carton
• 1kg x 12