Bio Fabric Softener

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Bio Fabric Softener

Bio Fabric Softener


An environmental friendly and biodegradable formula derived from 100% plant based active ingredients.
Formulated with premium softening properties for fiber protection benefit, reduce wrinkles and static cling.
Leaves clothes a fresh and long lasting fresh fragrance after washing.

Use instructions
Hand Wash

• Add ½ capful to 4.5 litre of water in final rinse.

Machine Wash
• Add ¾ to 1 capful into dispenser or in final rinse for full load.

Available variants and sizes
• Refreshing Tropic : 2 ltr
• Calm Lavender : 2 ltr
• Romance Rose : 2 ltr
• Sensual Bouquet : 2ltr

Packing per carton
• 2ltr x 6